Power Tools

We offer special tools for wood working and wood building. We like to educate ourselves all the time in best practises how our tools are used and spread that information with our tools around the world. 

Our power tools selection is designed for carpenters and persons building out of massive wood. We have durable blades, powerfull machines and specially for wood working designed tools. The drills are suitable for big bits and saws have dimensions for big beams. Few special tools are Mafell LO-65 mortiser which is only one in the market that fullfills the criteria of Arunda dove tail jig manufacturer. Another would be Mafell 103 chain mortisers with what you can mortise 50 cm deep square holes. Also Mafell ZH planers are suitable for 30 cm wide beams and lumber.

We are qualified Mafell reseller and can give you full line of machinery and accesories topped with maintenance and great service.

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