Personal Protection

Helmets, harnesses and ropes are with us when we work at high places. We are dedicated to personal safety. Some Sahanpuru staff climb their own, so we really know how to use the gear we sell. Our life depends on it also quite often. We have good selection of safety gear for arborists for climbing in trees without leaving marks. We have also served several fire departments with fire resistant BUFFs for example. Also power winches. We have also delivered rescue gear for evacuating from difficult spots, like cliffs. We also have eye protection solutions that don't gather mist in cold environments, which is really important in northern countries.

Sahanpuru is also capable to asses your safety requirements in the construction site. We can give you clear suggestion how to keep your head, eyes, ears and fingers not falling apart too early. Just contact our sales and we do our best to keep you safe.

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