Morakniv Woodsplitter draw knife

Very good two handle shingle knife
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Two handle draw knife is also called a shingle knife. It is designed to woodworking in start phase where you need to remove larger amounts of wood. Two handles at the both ends of straight blade makes it suitable to remove larger chips from wood effectively and safely. It is also perfect for making of kindling .With this knife you can start a fire in fire place in no time. It is suitable for professionals, hobbyist and to workshop or to home.

Morakniv Woodcarving -series is known in precision and ease of use. These tools are used by professionals from artisans, boat builders to woodworking teachers. For hobbyists the Woodcarving series is great selection of tools with you get to access the fine art of carving and woodworking.

Blade material is high carbon steel. In other words the blade is easy to sharpen. Handle is oiled birch.

Total length: 366 mm
Blade length: 114 mm
Blade thickness: 2,5 mm
Total weight: 154 g

Warranty for manufacturing defects for 10 years. Manufactured (Maden in ) in Sweden.

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