Festool Cordless Plunge-Cut Saw TSC 55

  • Your whole working process has been considered from moving to final cleaning of your worksite
  • Dual battery concept
  • Precision with less effort and re-work
  • Comprehensive set of accessories
Shipping time around 3 to 5 days
As low as €618.76 €499.00

TSC 55 increases quality to your workmanship

Festool TS 55 R is a premium class Plunge-Saw, in which your whole working process has been carefully considered. If you are looking for a plunge-cut saw for occasional cutting or ripping, then TSC 55 probably is not the best option for you. Instead if you are searching for a saw that increases your productivity and craftmanship, then this is THE plunge-cutting system you are looking for. With this system you can Rip-cutting Cross-cutting Accurate plunge-cuts Cut all kinds of materials from solid wood to plastic or even aluminium-composite

Maximum precision and less rework

Festool’s wide variety of blades gives you an option to choose just the blade according to your application and material at hand. In addition the guide-rails and splinterguards will take the precision to another level with less rework. Also the continuously variable speed adjustment allows you to choose just the right speed for the material at hand. There is also a possibility to adjust the tilting plate to -1° or to 47° for seamless joints.

Excellent cutting features

Magnesium-cast metal parts keep the overall weight low in spite of the batteries. For added lightness TSC 55 can be operate with one battery only. TSC 55’s extraction hose turns 360°, keeping the hose out of the way Perfect view of the scribe mark and the blade Dual battery system and the same power as in corded tools. Easy and clear adjustments for tilting and cutting depth

Easy to start, easy to finish

Thanks to the compact size, packing and transportation of TSC 55 is easy. The saw and batteries fit in one T-loc systainer. The guide-rails don’t require much space either. You can choose the rail-length between 800-5000 mm’s.

TSC 55 has a very efficient dust collection system. You can extract up to 99 % of all dust by using an efficient dust extraction or just by using dust collection bag (500393), which makes also an excellent plunge-cut saw for indoors and when you have to consider your customer’s comfort during and after the project.

Festool All-Inclusive is an unbeatable service-pack

3 years full warranty for registered machines 1 year warranty for spare parts after maintenance Replaced in the event of theft for small excess Original parts guaranteed 10 years. If not receive a brand new tool free of charge 15 days money back guarantee. You have 15 days from purchase and registration to return the tool.

Technical Data:

Cutting depth 45° 43 mm Battery voltage 18/36 V Li-ion battery capacity 5.20 Ah Idle engine speed 2650 - 3800/5200 min⁻¹ Saw blade diameter 160.00 mm Angular range -1 - 47 ° Cutting depth 0 - 55 mm Weight 1 x 18 V/2 x 18 V 4.6/5.3 kg Dust extraction connection dia. 27/36 mm

Delivery specifications:

  Basic Plus Plus/XL Set
Airstream battery Bp 18 Li, 5.2 AS - 2    
Airstream battery Bp 18 Li, 5.2 ASI - - 2 2
SCA-8 charger - - 2 2
TCL-6 charger - 2    
HW fine toot saw blade W 48 1 1 1 1
Allen key 5 1 1 1 1
Splinterguard 1 1 1 1
Dust collection bag 1 1 1 1
Dust protection hood 1 1 1 1
Guide rail FS 1400/2 - - - 1
SYS 5 T-lock yes yes yes yes
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Brand Festool
Warranty terms 36 months Festool All Inclusive
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