Sahanpuru Service

We hope you love shopping with Sahanpuru. Here are our delivery and returns policies to help make sure we meet your expectations.


We consider your order as an order right after we have received the information about your order to our system. And in addition to that we have received confirmation of approved payment transaction. Usually the payment is approved right after the order. Only exception is pre payment wire transfer where it takes some days to confirm the payment. Orders are shipped in order of the order confirmation.

Order tracking

Your order is trackable through the Sahanpuru Store. You can see the status of your order from your account page. And depending on the shipping method, the shipment is also trackable via link in your account page. You will also receive an email from us with all the shipping details.

Updating account information

Updating your own account information is easily done by clicking “Your account” link in the upper right corner. Our systems requires you to sign in and afterwards you can change all your personal details and password. By keeping your account information up to date your ensure that we can reach you. This might be the case if we have something important to announce about our products, if we update our user manual or similar. We will not spam you and only contact you if we think that it is your interest

By subscribing to our mailing list we send you twice a month our product updates and always some tips on how to utilise your own wood and lumber in more efficient way. Signup right away in the page footer!

Returning and replacements

We certainly hope that you have received product that meets or succeeds the expectations you had. But if for some reason you have made incompatible purchase or want to return the goods it is ok for us. Within 14 days you can return unused products without specifying any reason. Of course we value your feedback and hope that you can help us by specifying a reason for your returning. Just be in touch with us (through the contact form for example) and we will send you the details of returning the shipment.

Unfortunately there are some restrictions to the products that we can accept as returned products. These are all personalized products that might include chain saw chain cut to certain length, any engraved products or somehow for your purposes modified products. Please be exact when ordering these kind of products and don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions around these.

Please contact us always before sending us back anything. We will provide you the correct process and freight codes to use in your returning shipment. The shipping costs / freight will only be covered by us if you contact us before hand and follow our instructions with the shipment. Warranty issues and issues with used products will be dealt with separate process. Here we explicitly mean returning of unused products. We will check the returned goods always before returning any funds.

Your privacy and security

Your privacy is just as important to us as our high level of customer service. We hope that when you order from us, you provide us with the sufficient information to be in touch with you if your order processing so requires.

Technically our e commerce software is widely used and we have implemented all suggested information security updates there are. More about our ecommerce software information policy you can read from the pages that describes our cookies. We are very serious about your and your fellow customers safety and do all that we can to assure it. You can affect the safety of your own customer account by choosing to use strong password.

We will never sell or give away our clients personal information unless we are bound to do so by law.


Contact Us, if you have any questions about these. We will give you an answer and update these documents afterwards.