Bear Claw UHC Knife, Roselli

Imagine using your forefinger as a tool for carrying out precise and demanding cutting work. In this sense the Bearclaw fulfills your highest expectations.
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Wootz Ultra High Carbon steel blade. Like Grandmothers Knife but with longer handle so it fits to larger hands. Following years of research and experiments, H.Roselli developed his own way of processing ultra high carbon containing bladesteel (1,5 - 2,0 %). The outstanding edge holding properties of Wootz UHC-steel results from the high amount of hard carbides produced in the forging process. Whatever the job, -carving, cutting or skinning-, UHC-steel holds its edge longer. In fact the edge retains its sharpness twice as long as conventional carbon steel. The handles of the knives are made of birch, kiln dried and stained, to ensure a good grip. A strongly constructed leather stealth is a feature of each Roselli knife. You will feel the grasp of professional in your hand. The carbides cut exactly at the touching point. The nano structure provides the best known hardness. Handle is made from heat-resistant flame birch. Nanogenic Wootz Ultra High Carbon steel uses latest technology, developed by master smith Heimo Roselli. It is the hardest known steel: C 1.8 / 67 HRC./2400N mm2 where traditional forged carbon steel is C 0.75 / 59-62 HRC.
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