Alaskan Small Log Mill

Alaskan Small Log Mill. Most suitable for saws with smaller than 50 cm (20") guide bar and trees smaller than 47 cm.
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Alaskan Small Log Mill is the ultimate companion for you when you are thinking of sawing a log in half. Alaskan takes it even further and makes it easy for you to saw your own lumber with your chainsaw. With Alaskan Small Log Mill you will have no problem to turn your log into 2" planks or larger beams. Small Log Mill is the little brother of MK-III model. It is suitable for every chainsaw and very easy to handle due its light weight and compact size. You can easily carry Small Log Mill in the woods and carry your new and shiny planking out of there.

Alaskan Small Log Mill is suitable for maximum 50 cm (20") logs due it is not recommended to attach any longer guide bar to it. The guide bar only needs to be 5 cm (2") wide to be able to support the attachment of the Small Log Mill. It's compact and light-weight design easily bolts to most chainsaw bars with no drilling.

Alaskan Small Log Mill is well finished woodworking tools for you. No matter if you are builder, hobbyist or logger. It is simple to attach to your already excising chain saw.

Remember also to get the correct ripping chain for your saw. It will make the sawing much more nice. And the surface of the planks will be much smoother. Ripping chain has carefully designed teeth for this kind of sawing.

The chainsaw is not included in the product.

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