Trestle 5500+ WAB+ 5500-3

Our best trestle.
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Our best trestle. It has a platform with a course bi-directional anti-slip protection for high safety. Sturdy braces and anti-skids along with strong reinforcements gives it a very robust design with long durability. The lowest trestle (0.5 m) is labelled A Good choice for safe work. Strong aluminium profiles to provide stability without making the trestle steps heavy. Big standing area of 300x620 mm with bi-directional anti-slip protection. Splayed legs provide increased stability. The treads are 80 mm deep with extra high ridges for enhanced non-slip safety. Powder coated aluminium profiles prevent staining of your hands and clothes. Additional information: Anti-skid (spare part, 4-pack) Art. No. 810167. Registered Community Design No. 000892187-0001/6.
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