Step stool 5000+ 4

A stable and safe step stool ladder with extra deep treads. The straight back allows you to get closer access.
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Opens to the same angle as a normal stairway, making it easy to climb up and down. Economical on space and easy to transport when folded. The straight back allows you to get closer access. Strong aluminium profile provides stability without making the step stool ladder heavy. The standing area measures 250x425 mm and has bi-directional anti-slip protection to give a safe working position. An additional locking hook locks the step stool when open making it extra safe. The treads are 250 mm deep with bi-directional anti-slip protection. The edge at the very front of the standing area has a lip to it to stop you going down the wrong way. Additional information: Anti-skid (spare part, 4-pack) Art. No. 810148.
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