Alaskan Mill MK-IV 140 cm

Alaskan Mill MK-IV 140 cm (56")
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Alaskan Mill is by far the easiest and simplest chainsaw mill there is. Milling with it is a joy because you don't have to focus holding it steady. Just put all your mental effort on pushing the device forward with steady pace and the boards will be awesome!

Sahanpuru is the exclusive representative for all Alaskan Mill products in Finland and in Baltic countries. We work in really close relationship with Granberg International, who is producing these quality products in California USA. Through us you will get full warranty and all the advice and support you need. We use the products also ourselves and are proud that we have milled several kilometers of Finnish forest. We are certain that we can answer your questions about these products.

If you are thinking of building something out of wood, it is good to make the Mill purchase as soon as possible. As you probably know, wood is required to dry for some time before you can use it as construction material. We will share some tips of drying wood in our blog.

With this chainsaw mill you can easily saw your log to lumber where you fell the tree. Even though the sawing in growing direction of the wood is not that fast you will save huge amounts of time and effort when you can carry the boards out of the forest. Not the logs. At the same time you don't have to use heavy machinery to get it and you can leave all the dust in the forest.

In Alaskan Mill MK-IV model your chainsaw will be attached to the mill in two point. There are attachment points at the nose of your guide bar and at the tail of your guide bar. The mill will be squeezed around your guide bar are it will hold it's place with friction. Tha are inc scales on both poles that you can set the thickness of the board you wish to mill. When you set this precisely to the same measure it is guaranteed that you will get precisely milled boards. All Alaskan Mill parts are manufactured with CNC machines so it will really be precise. Largest thickness supported in default model is 13 inches and smallest thickness is 1/4 inches. Biggest width is depending of your chainsaw guide bar length.

The milling experience is finalized with proper ripping chain. Our recommendation is to go with Granberg ripping chain, that is also available from our store. They have developed it for 50 years and fine tuned it to be good in milling spped but also in quality of the sawed surface of the boards. We use it alwyas ourselves and wouldn't do it without.

The Alaskan MK IV is a high quality woodworking tool for the builder, wood worker, and outdoor enthusiast. It easily mounts to your saw (ripping chain required). The mill clamps directly on your chainsaw guide bar so you don't have to drill any holes to it.

”Thick larch is transformed to beautiful boards with bigger chainsaw and larger Alaskan Mill Model. ” -Kippari-Magazine (Finland) 10/2015

Order now and you will receive your own Alaskan Mill within couple of days. Ordering from us is easy, simple and safe. You can Mill only after the order, so the faster you move the faster you build.

Video in Finnish.

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