How to find out chainsaw chain pitch and gauge

People are puzzled very often about chainsaw chains. You don't necessarily need to know what kind of chain you are running. Until you need a new one. And the thing is quite simple. You only need to know three values and you succeed. Those are pitch, gauge and drive link amount. For us, metric people, one confusion seems to be the usage of inches here. You only have couple options so keep on reading.

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How to identify a chainsaw chain?

We receive a ton of questions about what chain should I select from your store. In other words, what kind of chain I run in my chainsaw at the moment? Here I try to clarify that to a some degree. Have to mention, just to make sure, that we love receiving questions from you. So if unsure please drop us an email! You need three values to buy a new chain that are pitch, gauge and drive link count.

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