Alaskan Mill

Granberg International Alaskan Mill is awesome tool that you can use to make your own lumber out of logs. Original Granberg International USA made Alaskan Mills are durable, easy to use and precisely machined. The Alaskan Mill is attached to a chainsaw and then you can mill your slabs wherever you are. You can adjust the thickness of milled slabs in real precise way. Alaskan Mill comes in four models. Those are Alaskan Small Log Mill, Alaskan Mill MK-IV and Alaskan Mill MK-IV C2/C3. The last one is package that includes a really big mill and all the required accessories, including guide bar and chain. Other models bare chainsaw mill and you need to add separate ripping chain to your order for example. Last Alaskan Mill model is Alaskan Edging Mill (formerly known as Alaskan Mini-Mill) which is perfect for edging logs that are too big to move. Or any other occasion where you need to saw vertical cuts. We know people doing log building windows and doors with it.

Sahanpuru Store is authorised reseller and partner of original Granberg International Alaskan Mill. Usually our delivery time is very fast. We try to stock all models and Alaskan Mill accessories. We have also milled several kilometers by ourselves, so we know how to and we want to answer to your questions.

Alaskan Small Log Mill Alaskan Mill MK-IV Alaskan Mill Mark IV C2 / C3 series Alaskan Edging Mill (used to be Mini Mill)
Log diameter up to 50 cm. This one is suitable for every chainsaw. Easy to use and awesome quality cut. Logs from 40 to 220 cm. This one requires over 50 cc chainsaw and guide bar from 60 cm upwards. This is for the toughest and the biggest! Long guide bars for big chainsaws. For making vertical cuts in bigger logs. Or very suitable tool to make holes in log frames when building.
Granberg International Alaskan Small Log Mill available from Sahanpuru Store All Granberg International Alaskan Models available from Sahanpuru Store
More information about Small Log Mill More information about MK-IV 90 cm (Other models below) More information about C2&C3 More information about Edging Mill
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  1. Granberg Ripping Chain
    As low as €0.50 €0.40
  2. 84″ ALASKAN® MARK IV C2 PACKAGE – G778-56C2
    Now Only €1,989.99 €1,604.83 Regular Price €2,289.99
  3. 56″ ALASKAN® MARK IV C2 PACKAGE – G778-56C2
    Now Only €990.00 €798.39 Regular Price €1,290.00
  4. Alaskan Mill MK-IV 120 cm
    Now Only €290.00 €233.87 Regular Price €399.01
  5. Alaskan Mill MK-IV 140 cm
    Now Only €372.00 €300.00 Regular Price €449.00
  6. Alaskan Mill MK-IV 150 cm
    Now Only €318.99 €257.25 Regular Price €499.01
  7. Alaskan Mill MK-IV 180 cm
    Now Only €446.40 €360.00 Regular Price €549.00
  8. Alaskan Mill MK-IV 210 cm
    Now Only €496.00 €400.00 Regular Price €599.01
  9. Granberg Alaskan Mill C2 Parts Kit MK-IV
    Now Only €39.00 €31.45 Regular Price €49.00
  10. Granberg Alaskan Mill Helper Handle With Roller
    Now Only €99.00 €79.84 Regular Price €122.76
  11. Oregon VersaCut 20" 1,5 mm .325" Guide Bar
    Now Only €49.00 €39.52 Regular Price €59.89
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