Sahanpuru Story

World is built with passion. Sahanpuru wants to share that passion with you and service you when you want the create something good out of wood. It can be forestry, woodworking, building or carpentry. With quality tools you are able to produce results and artifacts that will bring sustainable joy from generation to generation. We will create outcomes what will have story to be told.

For you and your wood

Sahanpuru is the team's crusade for long lasting and self made products. We sell woodworking tools that we can all turns ourselves to master carpenters or forest professionals. Customer service is in the core of all our actions. We are passionate and proud (in a good way) - This is something that we whish to send within our products to you, wherever you are working.

Self made lumber saves money and nature

Handmade products grow higher in value all the time. From sahanpuru store you will find all forest and woodworking tools to collect wood from forest, and to process it and to finish it to be worked out something someday. With our tools you can turn your own wood into products that have great feeling and financial value, with your own hands, on site.

With Alaskan Mill chainsaw mill, one of our main products, you can process your lumber in your own forest or at your yard. The process do not require heavy forest machinery or long transportation of the wood.

Straightforward service and professional quality

Customer satisfaction is key ingredient of Sahanpuru store. It is our main goal during our workdays. We will help and guide you in the selection of correct tools to your project. Our advices are usually based on our own working experiences, product know how and values around wood. Ordering, paying, and returning is safe and easy with us.

Sahanpuru products are tested quality products from the finest of the industry. Products come from Japan, USA, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, and many other country. Hand picked selection of tools are utilising the latest innovations for durability and sustainability. We say no to disposabel culture.

Sahanpuru e commerce is run with the same passion and respect. Join us as a part of the story!

Tommi Luostarinen